About Us

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, ProHomeSafety.com is the latest in home safety training and awareness. Combining internet technology with over 25 years of Emergency Medical Service experience, ProTrainings Instructors have trained thousands of people in the art of saving lives.

While growing a successful eLearning CPR and First Aid training website, ProTrainings, the creators of ProCPR.org and ProFirstAid.com, noticed that a great deal of people who visited the ProCPR website did not stay to take advantage of the professional training program. ProTrainings believes that many of these visitors are looking for an inexpensive non-certification training that would prepare them for emergencies that may affect their families or loved ones.

It is the developer’s belief that most people intend to go to a training on a Saturday morning but never quite find the time to realize this goal until it is too late.

ProTrainings.com brings expert online training right to your fingertips. Available when it is convenient for you, with quality designed for professionals.

What sounds better? Eight hours in a classroom on a Saturday? Or, bunny slippers and a cup of coffee in your own home? ProTrainings.com is committed to bringing the best video training and home-safety information with topics that are most important to you.